in front of the Mont-Saint-Michel in 2013
8 years ago.

François VIDIT

François, as given name, is pronunced: [fʁɑ̃.swɑ]
VIDIT, here family name, is pronunced: [vidi]
François VIDIT is japanese interpreter in Paris. For more than 15 years, he is receiving work under various forms, from touristical guiding, intercultural councelling, consecutive interpretation, to translation.

 Now  ( 208 days old) 47 y.

Actually, 47 years.

A Parisian that has connected in Tōkiō

Like my parents, I am parisian.

I have discovered japanese culture with the go game and I started to learn its language as an autodidact, aged of seventeen.

After my degree at the National Architecture School of Paris-La Villette, I left to Japan.

He joined a company of conception and realisation of commercial networks for luxury brands in the largest japanese cities in the prestigious area of Aoyama in Tōkiō1.

On return to France, He changed profession and became interpreter.

  1. This orthograph is rare, but it's the official french transgraphy dating from the end of the nineteenth century: it's still in use at the French Ambassy in Tōkiō. English transgraphy: Tokyo. 

to guide, it's to share !

It's to confront to different faces, experience the solemn character of encounter, to find oneself out of habits, and by there feel in oneself a new humanity coming forward, intimately and misteriously.

From there, to be lucky to find oneself ceaselessly rid of number of prejudices, ceaselessly more universal to the encounter of humanity and world.

autoportrait, 1995
By autoportrait, 25 years ago.
aquarel, 2003
By watercolor, 17 years ago.

Professional cursus

1999 Obtention of the Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficency Test Level 3 of the Association of International Education, Japan
2003 Admitted to the 8th JETRO1 Business Japanese Proficency Test JLRT2
2011 Obtention of the title of Guide-Conférencier at the Toulouse-Jean Jaurès University

  1. JETRO: Japanese External Trade Organization 

  2. JLRT: Japanese Listening and Reading Test 

pratical informations

professional registration number GC1375538P
affiliation AGIJ1
other spoken languages english, spanish
guiding area France, Bruges (Belgium)
address 10, rue Théophraste Renaudot 75015 Paris
contact here

  1. Association des Guide-Interprètes de langue Japonaise: french japanese-language speaking licenced guides association 

in Paris.