Public key of François VIDIT

It is possible to encrypt the information sent through the contact form to ensure its confidentiality. To do this, it is necessary to have:

  1. an encryption software —— for example, for Windows and MacOs Enigmail, for Android OpenKeychain, or for iPGMail ——,
  2. your own key (that is, a pair of two keys, the public key and the secret key) —— which can be created with the encryption software ——,
  3. the public key of François VIDIT.
Property Value
Principal user ID François VIDIT
Key ID 0xF0C8F5328EA31A33
Fingerprint 8F0A 44BE 2B1B 0F11 391B DF96 F0C8 F532 8EA3 1A33
Created 16/09/16
Expiration the key does not expire
Validity absolute confidence
Algorythm RSA
Size 4096
Public Key
To show the key, click HEREcliquer ICI

Manual guides are available:

More general information on the principle at work in the cryptography operation on Wikipedia.

To send a encrypted message thrue the contact form:

  1. write the message in plain form,
  2. encrypt it using the encryption software, with your own key, and the public key of François VIDIT,
  3. send the resulting encrypted message AND your own public key, using the contact form.