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They can be subject to modifications at all times from the author.

For this reason, users are likely to consult them oftenly.

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lack of warranty on content

This site includes as much as possible up to date and exact informations but is not providing any warranty of it.

Besides of the attention taken by the autor to collect information, mistakes, omissions or approximations might exist.

In any case, and count taken of the conditions of use, the user of site and the informations that it contains reconosize that he is making a use of it under his own and only responsability.

The author of the site should not see in consequence his responsability engaged for any prejudice, direct or indirect, of any kind it may be, resulting of whole or part of the use of this site.

Same, the continuity, access, fonctionning and availability of the site and the services that comes with it are not subject to any warranty.

Here is reminded that the fact to access or to enter or to remain illegally into a computer system, to hinder or to falsify the operating of such a system, to introduce or to modify illegally datas in a computer system is considered as a crime punished by penal laws.

intellectual property

All datas of any nature they would be, and especially texts, graphism, logos, icons, audio or video clips, marks, software, specificities of site, material or intellectual, including downloadable documents are protected by the right of author.

They are the property of the author and / or of the persons that expressively allowed him to make a use of them.

Therefore, the user cannot, in any case and in any way, reproduce, represent, diffuse, modify, or divest or sell all or part of even one of the elements reproduced on the site, or all or part of the site, without the previous and expressed authorization of the author.

The only reproduction of texts on paper, for private use, is allowed under the conditions of the following conditions : diffusal gratuity, respect of the integrety of reproduced documents (no modifcations, nor alteration), clear and lisible quotation of source under the following form: « Document issued from internet site. Rights of reproduction are reserved and strictly limited. ».

For any other use, please ask the autor by electronic message with the electronic address of the following link.

Any non expressly authorised use, or breaking the dispositions mentioned above, is considered of counterfeit and / or infringement to the rights of the author, subject to penal sanctions for violation of intellectual property.

hypertext links

INsertion of an hyperlink text to site must be beforehand and expressly authorized by the author.

He can include hypertext links redirecting to other sites.

Somehow, the author does not controle those later and due to that fact, decline any kind of responsability on their content or on their informations, services or products that can bring forward.

privacy and personal data

privacy policy

In a general way, the user can visit the site on the internet network without to have decline his identity and to give personal information regarding himself.

Somehow, the site can sometimes be set to ask for such informations.

For instance, as to be able to process a order, set a correspondence.

The site might complete those information proportionnally to this goal.

All the personal data retrieved from the site are managed with the strictest confidentiality.

Except contrary advice, the personal information related to users retrieved from the site are subject to automated processes.

In accordance with the « digital and freedom law »1 of 1978, january the 6th, the user benefits of a right of access, correction and destruction of personal information regarding himself.

The user can make a use of this right by addressing a message to the electronic address of the following link.


Cookie are files that are downloaded on the computer of the user when he is consulting internet sites.

Cookies noticely possibly let sites stock and get back informations regarding the habits of the user of a site or his equipment, then, with thoses informations, to reconosize him.

Somehow, the obtained datas are restricted.

They only concern the number of visited pages, the name of the town where is located the address of connexion to the site, the frequency and the recurrence of visits, their lenghts, the characteristics of the user browser, the operator or the type of terminal from which the visit is made.

Personal information, such as family name, given name of the user or postal address of connexion, whatever the case, are never collected.

To insure the correct operating of the internet site and to constantly improve navigation experiences, the software structure of the content managing system of the site is setting in the memory of the computer of the user cookies, those making the quality of browsing possible.

applicable law

The present condition are regulated by the laws of the French Republic.

The author is reserving the right to act against any person that would be liable to infringe his rights or violate the above mentioned conditions.

photographic credits

Unless otherwise specified, François VIDIT.

  1. in french: « loi Informatique et Libertés »